The Millennial Miser has a new home: Minnesota!

I’ve moved to several new cities for my career. So, I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at everything that’s involved with the moving process. But with every move comes a few personal finance challenges.

Over the next few weeks as I settle into my new digs, I’m going to share the challenges I encountered this time and how I overcame them — with a few personal finance stumbles along the way.

I’ll talk about how to do cost-of-living calculations during your job hunt, so you’ll know how much money you’ll need to make to maintain the same standard of living. For me, it was surprising how much more I’d need to live moving from one Midwestern city to another.

Then, there are moving expenses. The Miser in me struggled with the cost of my move (more than $2,100!), made more expensive because my new apartment wasn’t ready when I needed to leave my old place.

And once the move is over, there are still plenty of logistics to take care of. Department of Motor Vehicle lines to wait in. A 401k rollover to complete. New insurance information to learn.

That’s the process I’m going through now, and I’m excited to share my progress with you!

Has anyone else just completed a move? What lessons did you learn? Anybody about to move, whether to the state next door or across the country? Email me at, and stay tuned!

Update: I’ve been writing a lot about my recent move…

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